Thanks to our 17 years of experience acquired through more than 300 projects and a team of leading experts, Allegra covers a wide range of topics related to outdoor tourism.

At Allegra, we believe successful destinations come out of planning, stakeholder collaboration, and conscious construction. We believe investing the time in market research, benchmarking, and place-based conversations help to craft a strategic focal point for each unique destination. We work closely with you to create the best possible plan for creating YOUR distinctive outdoor recreation destination. Philosophically, we view trails and outdoor recreation as fundamental to human health, quality of life and access to nature for all.  Working together, we can offer the best possible product to the largest number of people.

We’re at your service when it comes to developing business models, master plans, planning and support during the approval process from infrastructure to construction, trail maintenance, as well as consulting for governmental authorities, tourism organizations and service providers. On an ongoing basis, we hold workshops on tourism.

As a tourism consultancy company active in the field of outdoor tourism, we offer services in the following areas:

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