Infrastructure Planning

Creating a great mountain bike destination requires careful planning. Consequently, the planning phase of the trails determines the cost and efficiency of the entire project for years to come.

The master plan is a collaboration between you and Allegra and defines the schedule of the project in detail. From the first draft of the fundamentals to the detailed planning phase, we offer a carefree package for the development of perfect trail networks and facilities.


We create a master plan, which incorporates prudent planning and takes into account, e.g., user conflicts in advance and minimizes them going forward.


We analyse the terrain while taking spatial planning requirements into account. This means, for example, considering weak points or protected zones.




We plan the final routes through the terrain. This includes, among other things, the clarification of environmentally relevant conditions, the development of trail specifications and the calculation of construction costs.

It is important to us to emphasize that an entirely new mountain-bike trail need not always be built. Instead, it may be more prudent to rehabilitate existing trails or to construct a new hiking trail.


We prepare building application plans all the way to the actual building permit (BAB/BIB). We also help set the stage for efficient execution. With our partner EcoAlpin, we are particularly able to optimize the timeline involved in the entire process.

We have summarized the entire process of creating the ideal trail network in a handy infographic or in our blog post.

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