Whether you represent a governmental authority, tourism organization, municipality, cable car company or service provider, it is important to us that you receive goal-oriented advice for your mountain bike project.

The development of a mountain bike destination or the construction of mountain-bike trails requires prudent coordination and consultation among the various stakeholders. This is true from the initial development of a business model to each individual measure in the process of developing a destination.

Our consulting services range from the implementation of coexistence campaigns (sharing trails) to technical solutions for minimizing user conflicts, tourism consultancy services related to the e-bike market, training for hotels, solutions for e-mountain bike rentals, and training programs for guides.

With the aid of study days and lectures, we also provide support during the initial decision-making process.


We organize study days and workshops on a regular basis and we would like to invite you and your partners to attend such events. All you need to do is to subscribe to our newsletter. Additionally, there is always the option to book an individual study day according to your needs.

During an individual study day, we will arrange an on-site visit to one of Allegra’s existing projects. The goal is to experience a mountain-bike destination first hand while our team of experts provides you with all the necessary and exclusive background information about the project.

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Allegra is your experienced and knowledgeable partner in mountain-bike tourism. We are eager to share our wealth of experience as much as we can via our Blog  and social media channels - Facebook | Instagram| Linkedin.

Furthermore, Darco and our experts are also available for personal consultation. Regardless of which stage of development your project has reached, don’t hesitate to contact us. No matter whether you are developing a rough draft of your first single trail or creating a plan for an entire tourism destination, Darco can provide you with concrete answers to all your questions.

Click here to make an appointment for personal consultation.



Over the last few years, we have given numerous presentations about various topics concerning mountain-bike tourism at various different events. Topics range from tourism in the Alps to building trails, e-mountain biking, non-motorized traffic, pump tracks, and promoting physical activity. In addition to Darco, over the last seven years, Claude, Sandra, Lukas, Fadri, Chris and numerous members of our team have given presentations in various different languages.

If you are interested, click here to request a presentation.  

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