Business Model Development

We elaborate individually tailored business models as the foundation for successful outdoor offerings.

Whether for alpine tourism, urban development or an already existing outdoor destination, we’ve proven that a clear business model is crucial for the successful development of a destination. 

Our process relies on proven design thinking methods, from inclusive open workshops to expert interviews, from data analysis to customer journey mapping.

A business model canvas acts as the north star for all involved stakeholders during a multi year development process.

Each building block of a business model allows for more detailed planning of action items. Value propositions have to be matched with customer segments and connected through the right channels. Customer segments need to be refined with personas, lifestyles, market data and stakeholder maps.

Furthermore, we calculate market potentials and even carry out in-depth investment calculations. Such forecasting allows us to model the future ROI for a destination.


Benchmark Studies

In the past 18 years we’ve worked with over 300 destinations and regions all over the world. We’ve found many different approaches for successful destination development, from small community-based tourism in towns, to large resorts and regional development concepts. By benchmarking the best examples, we give a comprehensive overview of what’s there.

Finding the right channels

Connecting the targeted customer segments with a destination is key for the economic success of a development process. Besides defining the right channels, Allegra also offers their concrete activation, from tour operators to social media strategies.

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