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Posted by Claude Balsiger on March 14, 2016
Claude Balsiger
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On November 3rd 2015 we published our first fat bike report, predicting fat biking to grow step by step into a serious subculture of mountain biking. We got a ton of feedback on our report and our friends at MCF even translated it to a French version. However, we are still amazed at the quantity of new offers, solutions and surprising developments we witnessed during the past winter.

1. Trails of all kinds

Most feedbackers agree that there will be a need for specifically designed and groomed trails for fat bikes on snow. There are a ton of different solutions out there, including snow mobiles and other engines. Our friends in Geilo however do it very pragmatically. They just take a snow shoe tour after the snow fall and voilà: there's your awesome fat bike single trail. And yes, there are even some videos of fat bike flow trails around. Just check out the video below.



2. Signs and trail rules

Many destinations offer fat bike rentals or guided tours and even suggest some iteneraries. But we have not seen many taking care of signage and trail rules. The best example we came across was developed by our client destination Andermatt. Leo Püntener from Bike & Event planned and implemented the signage system for their almost 30 kilometers of official fat biking routes around the destination.



3. A lift for fat bikers

Many lift companies don't allow guests to take along their fat bikes. The small resort of Kandersteg took another path and opened up a t-bar lift specifically for fat bike riders. Check out the video below to see it in action.


4. Switzerland's first fat bike park

Switzerland's most progressive mountain bike destination invest heavily in their infrastructure and is hosting a biking event during almost every weekend in the summer. To top it all of, Lenzerheide will also be the host of the Mountain Bike World Championships in 2018.  Already, Lenzerheide will open the first snow bike park in the nation. If it goes well, it will run all winter season 2016/17.

5. Competition

Fat biking competitions already take on all sorts of forms. While the Rovaniemi 300 is a crazy long distance race to be ridden as one stage, there's also the even more extreme Iditarod Invitational  in Alaska, following the route of the legendary dog sled race. And of course the US hosted an international race and called it the first Fat Biking World Championships.

6. Expeditions

The most exclusive fat biking package brings guests to the South Pole. Yes, you read it, the South Pole. Don't believe us? Check it out, it's real.  A year ago, our very own Claude Balsiger already went on his own fat biking expedition across Greenland. The TV documentary will be televised soon.

What do you think about the latest fat biking developments? 

If you've missed our original fat biking report, you can download it here.

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