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What is a bike park?

What is a bike park?

Posted by Darco Cazin on March 15, 2016
Darco Cazin
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A new, exciting era of bike park development is underway. Today, bike parks are getting built in attractive, easily accessed locations, and municipalities are funding them at the same level as other types of recreational facilities. But what exactly is a bike park? 

If you would ask 10 different mountain bikers to write a definition of a "bike park", you would end up with 10 different definitions.

The LA Bike Parks Collective ditched the writing and produced a great video to explain the spectrum of what a bike park may include. It answers the question "What's a bike park?" in under 4 minutes.

Modern bike parks are designed to appeal to every skill level, with enough variety to keep riders coming back for years. Well-considered plans for maintenance and regular improvements ensure that these parks will be attractive and fun to ride for the long term. IMBA has published a book with information about how to plan, build and maintain successful bike parks, along with flow trails and other purpose-built bicycling facilities. The book includes essays from more than two dozen expert contributors (amongs them Chris Bernhardt and Darco Cazin from our team) and can be ordered directly at the IMBA online store.

We are more than happy to cooperate with our knowledge to your bikepark project. Just contact us.

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