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Posted by Darco Cazin on September 13, 2016
Darco Cazin
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Back in the day (I think it was the old millenium) our company didn‘t start with developing mountain bike destinations but with offering guided biking tours for my mom‘s hotel. It quickly evolved into a booked out bike hotel and a unique hub for mountain bike riders from all over the world.

When we started working in Livigno in 2003, we had already developed offers together with visionary hotel owner Fabio Giacomelli. But we soon realized that we needed more hotels to become bike hotels if we
wanted to get mountain biking to fl
y for the whole destination. After having visited around 40 hotels we were finally able to announce the first bike hotel cooperation of the destination - with 10 member hotels.

The group of bike hotels from Livigno grew and expanded across the whole territory of Alta Rezia. In 2006 there were already 34 hotels that joined forces and offered specialized services and infrastructures for mountain bike riders. Similar cooperations existed in other parts of the globe. St. Moritz, Davos, Laax and Lenzerheide also worked with their local bike hotel groups. So when the project graubündenBIKE launched in 2010, it was only logic to join the existing groups into one big partnership.

At the Ride Kongress 2014 we offered a plattform for Bike Hotels to present their efforts to the national hotel association hotelleriesuisse and the national marketing organisation Switzerland Tourism. The inspiring meeting caused both national organizations to act. And their actions led to a great milestone for mountain bike tourism in Switzerland: In 2016 the new and national cooperation Swiss Bike Hotels launched.

hotelleriesuisse is the guardian of the quality control, while Switzerland Tourism will offer Swiss Bike Hotels extensive marketing support. At Allegra we continue to work with both associations in task forces to support the further development of mountain biking. And we‘re happy that bike hotels in Switzerland get a new level of support for their efforts.


Today, people still ask us one question: „What do you do exactly?“. „We develop mountain biking destinations.“ is our answer, but many cannot imagine what that might involve. That's why we decided to launch this blog series called WORK, in which we'll give you some insights from our work and the results that have emerged from it.

You can also get the insights on all 15 cases from our Mountainbike development work by downloading this Ebook we've put together for you.

As a lot of people ask us, what's best for my bike garage and hotel, we put together this catalogue of nice bike service hardware you can directly order from us.

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