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Sustainable Trails In Hallingdal - A Client's Perspective

Posted by Darco Cazin on August 06, 2015
Darco Cazin
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We talk a lot about the importance of sustainable trails and the value of trail building schools. But in this post, it's all about our client's perspective. All pictures and comments are by Lars Jensen, project manager of Trakk'N'Roll in Hallingdal, Norway.


Trails don't build themselves. Arne builds them. Tråkk 'n' Roll!

"Do Norwegians always need to discuss everything". I think you learned the answer to that question... A little less meters of trail built, but really "koselig".

Allegra Tourimus helped to build sustainable trails in Norway and educated the crew.

The nice and smooth gravel on top...

Finally compaction.

Some of the other guys definitely moved heavier rocks than me - but at least I got a neat blister to show off. Tråkk 'n' Roll.

Fill material goes in...

Rock walls coming into place.

New trail exit. Safe, smooth, compact, dry and 100% sustainable.

The old trail - still containing water from the minor rainfall

Trail builders starting to feel satisfied.

While the crew is busting their asses off, Mark McClure takes care of PR.


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