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New Trails in Nordfjord, Norway

Posted by Darco Cazin on July 20, 2015
Darco Cazin
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Like every Trail Building School, Mark and Shane started the education of local trail builders with an intense theory session. It teaches the basic principles of trail construction and trail maintenance.

After the theory session, the biggest part of the Trail Building School takes place outside. It starts with discussing general challenges of the working area. Defining trail corridors and marking them is the main objective of these initial walk abouts.

Ready to build a new trail segment! In Nordfjord that means moving a lot of rocks, bench cutting, getting back to strength. And never forget to discuss things over, so you don't forget your main objective: To build sustainable mountain bike trails.

The rocky terrain in Nordfjord requires great skills when it comes to pitching and armoring. The bigger rocks can only be moved in a team effort.

And the team work got great results. A great section of sustainable mountain bike trails that can serve as a model for the further development of mountain biking in Nordfjord.

Do you have a hard time convincing your local partners that trails should be modified? To help you, we've put together a series of slides with the most important arguments for better mountain biking trails.

Would you like to host a trail building school? Do you need to asses your current trail system? Want to build a new flow trail and are looking for a world class design? We offer a series of services to help you develop your trails. Click here to find out more.

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