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graubündenBIKE: Strength in Numbers (Part III)

Posted by Darco Cazin on July 18, 2015
Darco Cazin
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The main reason why the project graubündenBIKE had a postive impact was the active participation of local people. 157 different partners contributed actively to one or more measures in the project plan. Here are three examples of different contributors and their merits.

51 Bikehotels
Bikehotels are one of the main links for a destination to create added value. Therefore it only made sense for the current bikehotels in Graubünden to come together and form one strong group of highly specialized mountain bike hotels. While they comply to a series of criteria regarding their service and their infrastructure, what they are above all is: mountain biking experts. The hotel owners and managers ride mountain bikes themselves and therefore highly competent when it comes to the needs of mountain biking guests.

But these hotels are far from over. They are teaming up again to create new offerings for mountain bike riders with the ew project Flow Country Graubünden. And, they inspired a similar cooperation for rental homes and an even bigger hotel collaboration group across all of Switzerland.

When graubündenBIKE started, the national Swiss Cycling Guide education was not very established amongst practicing guides yet. That changed, when graubündenBIKE recruted more than 30 candidates for the first entry course in Graubünden. Since then, many courses have taken place in Graubünden and many guides have reached the highest possible diploma. Some guides even went on to become experts and instructors for the national programm.

Currently, new guides are being recruited and educated to offer mountain bike riders a carefree experience on the trails. They represent the core of the local mountain biking scene and are a crucial link between what happens on the trails and what happens in the offices of policy makers and product developers.

The Furious 5 - Trailcrew Davos
While many measures from graubündenBIKE have lead to media coverage and video edits, the trailcrew in Davos remained undiscovered by the outside mountain biking world. However, according to our own oppinion, the foundation of this trail crew is the most effective measure of all.

Trail specialist Shane Wilson was present, when the trail crew met for the first time in 2012. The municipality of Davos had granted the funds to employ 5 full time people, which should restructure and adapt the massive hiking trail for the needs of mountain bikers. After their first trail building school with Shane, the trail crew started it's mission. Soon, the results became tangible for all riders and for the whole destination.

This summer, the trail crew will be in its 4th season. It has been the main factor, why Davos has the best singltrail network in all of Graubünden and probably one of the best singletrail offerings in the Alps.

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