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graubündenBIKE: Strength in Numbers (Part II)

Posted by Darco Cazin on June 18, 2015
Darco Cazin
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The Investment
Graubünden raised 2.4 Million Swiss Francs in Cash to invest in the development of the mountain biking offer during 5 years.

But this was not the only capital that was invested during the project. Regional and local partners doubbled this amount, by investing cash and personal ressources. In addition, all destinations made siginificant investments outside of the graubündenBIKE project. This huge effort from all partners was the foundation for the dynamic development of mountain biking tourism in all destinations.

The Key Factor
The positive return on investment was only possible thanks to one factor: people. Only because local people participated in the project, did graubündenBIKE have an effect for riders and local businesses. Without the active contribution of 157 local tourism managers, guides, hotel managers, shop owners and many more, graubündenBIKE would have remained a neatly written concept in an ivory tower.

Local people and specially local riders are the key to the development of a mountain biking destination. After the success of graubündenBIKE we believe that more than ever before. That's why we developed the MTB AGENT.

The Return On Investment
So did all this investment pay off? By far.
Mountain biking guest in Graubünden spend an average of 159 Swiss Francs per day. If you compare that to the investment of a total 4.8 million Swiss Francs as described above, the break even point is reached with 30'000 additional visitor days during the last 5 years. If you look at the numbers of hotels, destinations, transportation services and other services, it becomes evident, that a positive return on investment was achieved quickly.

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