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Posted by Darco Cazin on April 04, 2016
Darco Cazin
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When we start working on a destination's mountain biking offer, we often advise to hold back on communication efforts until a first complete experience is ready for mountain bikers. However, ...

... every year in mountain biking magazines, one can read about new destinations that claim to be the new mountain biking mekka, the number one destination on their continent, the best place to ride in the galaxy and whatever creative agencies can come up with. 80% of these destinations offer a bad experience to riders.

It's actually one of the most common mistakes of developing mountain biking destinations (For more mistakes to avoid, click here). And what does "being number one" even mean? And does it even matter? No. Focus on offering experiences for the segment of mountain bikers you selected and your destination will be a very happy place.

In the past few years we've steadily been working on the various destinations in the Swiss canton of Ticino. As things are progressing and pieces are falling into place, we're spending a lot of time in the Italian part of Switzerland. Just before Easter I had an inspiring keynote event in Valle di Blenio. And this week I'll spend my days in Mendrisio (with 20 stakeholders) and Lugano (with a room full of future bike hotels), while Claude, Britta and Michi will be analyzing the region of Mendrisiotto.

Another destination in Ticino is Locarno. Famous for its film festival and its concerts on the romantic piazza, Locarno is currently developing a trail offering for Enduro riders with transportation access on different mountains around its lake Lago Maggiore. The trails are being restructured, but the offer is ready to be communicated for the first time. So the local tourism office teamed up with Filme von Draussen and produced this awesome clip about riding the Ticino way of life. We will continue to push the overall experience for bikers in Ticino and are greatful to work here.

Dolce Velocita - A Lesson in Riding the Ticino Way of Life from Filme von Draussen on Vimeo.

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