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Posted by Darco Cazin on May 28, 2016
Darco Cazin
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Our trail specialists Patrick and Lukas have been the masters behind the three flow trail in St. Moritz and pimped some of the other trails around our hometown of Pontresina.

The riding experience their trails provide, the low environmental impact and the incredibly low cost of construction and maintenance serve as our own benchmark. Today Patrick is educating trail builders in other destinations about sustainable trails and Lukas has been designing trails as far as Lebanon or Japan.

The site of their signature trails, the Corviglia mountain above the legendary resort town of St. Moritz, has long remained a low-key venue for mountain bikers. No big events, no competitions, no fancy advertisement or huge obstacles. Just an incredible mountain for riding. Over the years bikers found out about this and love the variety on offer for beginners and advanced riders in the Engadin valley. 

„This is a good story but I think there is more to it. Allegra singlehandly built the first and best flow trail in continental Europe. It meets international guidelines for sustainability, helped to train local builders, respected nature, and has people from around the world calling it the best trail they‘ve ever ridden.“

Chris Bernhardt

Only recently the Engadin turned to host the Rocky Mountain Trail Games and the International Womens Bike Camp, at some part also supported by Allegra behind the scenes. Furthermore we built a little skillcenter next to the famous Audi bar and invite people to train their skills before going for a ride.
Lukas and Patrick were also busy in bringing back the epic Bernina Express. Here's the story.

Today, people sometimes ask us one question: „What do you do exactly?“. „We develop mountain biking destinations.“ is our answer, but many cannot imagine what kind of work that might involve. That's why we decided to launch this blog series called WORK, in which we'll give you some insights from our work and the results that have emerged from it.

You can also get the insights on all 15 cases by downloading this Ebook we've put together for you. Click here.

Check out the video and go for a ride.


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