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Chris Bernhardt

Chris Bernhardt

My passion is sharing the outdoors with others. I have used my 30 years in the AEC industry to tangibly improve people’s lives through recreation, and it is an opportunity for which I am grateful. Working in locations from China to Switzerland, I have focused on creating projects that are both economically and environmentally sustainable, bringing to bear an expertise in land use, transportation, advocacy, and public outreach.

Posts by Chris Bernhardt

The Maintenance Trap

By: Chris Bernhardt September 06, 2016

As mountain bikers we think of trails as a linear playground, bringing us deep into nature and allowing us to share our best moments with our best friends. Land managers and lift companies, however, view trails dispassionately as infrastructure, similar to a building or a traditional playground. To continuing using any infrastructure it must be regularly fixed and that usually means investing in annual maintenance.


Topics: trails, trail building school, traildesign, sustainable trailbuilding

How to Create a Great Trail System

By: Chris Bernhardt May 03, 2016

The guidelines for building sustainable mountain bike trails are well established by such organizations as the International Mountain Bicycling Association and Outdoor Recreation Northern Ireland. However, if you aspire to build not just a good trail but one that will cause riders return to your destination then follow these steps.


Topics: trails, destination

The Environmental Impacts of Mountain Biking

By: Chris Bernhardt March 17, 2016

The environmental impacts of mountain biking are a topic of frequent, and sometimes heated, discussion by advocates, tourism promoters, environmentalists, and land managers. Unfortunately, misunderstandings and stereotypes exist, and in the worst cases poor information is used to make decisions about trail access. While there are many anecdotal and emotional responses to mountain biking, what are the actual impacts?


Topics: trails, destination, Enviromental Impacts, strategy, know-how-transfer, traildesign