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10 Ways To Kickstart Your Next Summer

Posted by Claude Balsiger on March 19, 2015
Claude Balsiger
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Whether it is the current exchange rates or decreasing numbers of winter visitors, it has never been more important to get your summer business running. Mountain bikers represent a significant potential you want to access. In the past ten years, we were able to spark, work on and witness many success stories in different mountain bike destinations. So here are 10 ways that made these success stories happen.

No. 1 Upgrade Your Trails

Most mountain bike trails are not purpose built yet. Blow your guests' minds by upgrading your home trails. Because trails are the main reason why mountain bikers travel. And here's the best thing: You don't always have to spend a lot of money on expensive trail design or trail building. See how you can make a huge difference just by properly maintaining your trails. Learn more from our trailspecialists, get some kickass trails designed and engage your crew in a trail building school.


No. 2 Activate The Big Mass

Crankwory-whistler-vimeo.jpgThere are lots of mountain bikers, but most don't travel with their mountain bike (actually just 1 out of 5). Try to get new clients to visit your destination. So there are plenty of mountain bikers left to convince to travel to your destination.


No. 3 Make Your Hotel A True Mountain Bike Hotel

Passion for mountain biking has to live in your house, otherwise your bike hotel won't work. Take everyone that works in your hotel on a mountain bike ride, so that they can feel, hear, see, smell, taste and ultimately understand mountain biking.

No.4 Spark A Guide

No.4 Spark A Guide

Mountain bike guides work at the base of the mountain bike community. They are in touch with your potential clients. Not just will they be opinion leaders in favor of our destination, but also reliable operators to run their own trip in your destination.


No.5 Leave Your Destination

Get inspired and find new ways to improve your destination, by traveling somewhere else. Visit a successful resort in Europe to educate your team about mountain bike tourism and inspire your stakeholders to help with the development of your destination. Most important: organize prfoessionals with extensive experience to answer all the questions that will come up. We are ready to help.


No.6 Keep It Simple

Keep it simple when it comes to your services. Make all inclusive offers with lodging, transportation and guiding. Consumer segment specific packaging will help everyone to find what's best for them. Remember: there is no such thing as an offer for all. To understand how clients experience your destination, get your destination analysed with a customer journey. It will help figure out your strength and your weakness.


No. 7 Get Your Lifts Running

In comparison, lifts are always the best, fastest and cheapest means of mountain bike transportation. Nowadays all MTB segments use cable cars, so they will become the hub of mountain bike tourism in your destination. Compared to common shuttle service with cars, used in many destinations, cable cars are also often cheaper for your clients.

No.8 Don't Be Afraid Of The Weather

No.8 Don't Be Afraid Of The WeatherFrom bad to even worse: Many alpine destinations suffered from horrible weather conditions in the summer of 2014. However, many indicators show that mountain bikers kept coming, even when all the other tourist avoided the bad weather.


No.9 See It Through Their Eyes

No.9 See It Through Their EyesIf you live in a mountain biking destination, you tend to forget how beautiful your home is. People visiting, often see the beauty of it like you've never seen before. Focus on promoting the beauty within your destination and people will love it,like the Canadian journalist Lee Lau does in his reports on Pinkbike.


No. 10 It’s Legal

No. 10 It’s LegalMany places around the world are still struggling to get mountain biking on single trails legalized. If you don't belong to those places: That’s great and people should know it!

If you wanna learn more about some of our mountainbike projects, check out our 15 cases from work which you can download here.

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